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The Good Ship Gitmo

January 1, 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Aboard the Holland America ms Eurodam             Ting, ting, ting.             Katrina tapped the cocktail fork against the Waterford crystal champagne flute, careful not to spill even a drop of Clos d’Ambonnay.  She couldn’t afford to – donations from the Nation Builders were down 17 percent last year.  If … Continue reading »

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Bill Clinton’s Tango with Tehran

In 1996, terrorists bombed Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 U.S. servicemen and wounding hundreds more.  The Washington Times reported yesterday that the Clinton Administration had ample evidence that Iranian-trained and -funded terrorists carried out the deadly attack.  President Clinton, however, didn’t use this intelligence to implicate Tehran.  Rather, he “cut off the flow … Continue reading »

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Espionage at the North Pole!

My story for Liberty Island Magazine’s Non-Traditional Holiday Fiction Contest – “Elfiltrated – A Tale of Deception.”  An evil government agent, a devastating plot against Christmas – can one brave elf stop the madness?

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Liberty Island Magazine – Short Story Finalist!

Last week, I wrote my first (ever!) short story for Liberty Island Magazine’s “Non-Traditional Holiday Fiction Contest.”  I just found out that I’m a finalist!  When the story is published later this week, I’ll post the link.  I never considered writing short stories until I found out about this contest.  I knew immediately that I … Continue reading »

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The National Review Institute

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been named a 2015 National Review Institute Washington Fellow.  Fellows read and then discuss great conservative thinkers (“from Burke to Buckley”) at a series of dinners and networking events.  I’m looking forward to the discussions and the networking opportunities!

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Story, Reality & the Space Between

When Joel Franco, the founder of Chesapeake Films, invited me to write a piece on what stories mean to me, I jumped at the chance.  Joel has a great series on this topic on his blog.  Check it out here.  

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Link for my Interview

Click here to listen Hollis Chapman interview me about intelligence and my novels and films.  (Fast forward to about 34:30 to listen in.)

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Radio Interview Today

I’ll be on the Hollis Chapman show today at 1:30 (eastern) to talk about writing, my novels, and the films.  If you can’t listen in live, I’ll post a link to the interview once I have it. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Loose Lips Lift Al Qaeda

Check out my first article posted at “Reading the Score,” a popular political news and commentary website.  The gist – in revealing what they know about the latest Al Qaeda threat, politicians on both sides of the political aisle have seriously harmed U.S. intelligence capabilities.  They ought to know better….

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Director Joel Franco – My “Thrilogy” and the Cannes Film Festival

I just listened to a great interview with Joel Franco, the founder of Chesapeake Films.  In it, he discusses a variety of topics, including his documentary, Dino Costa – Truth Unscripted, and Poe, a screenplay about Edgar Allan Poe, “America’s first real rock and roll star.”  He also discusses the buzz about my novels at … Continue reading »

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